The New Dad Hospital Bag Checklist (Stuff to Not Forget)

New Dad Hospital Bag Checklist Infographic

Congrats! If you’re reading this, you’re going to be a dad. Practice your dad jokes. Start analyzing the lawn. And check stuff off the new dad hospital bag checklist so you’re not wildly unprepared when you get to the hospital room. I’m a new dad myself, so here’s what I’d suggest you bring with you. … Read more

What’s It Like for Dads During Labor?

What's Labor Like as a New Dad

One of the questions I wondered when my wife was pregnant was what labor would be like as a dad. Obviously, I was far more concerned with it going smoothly for my wife since she had the toughest job of actually giving birth, but I did think about what I should expect to see and … Read more

Flying With a Baby: A Tired Dad’s Best Tips

Tips for Flying with a baby

We recently took our first flight with our son. So take these tips as tips for flying with a baby from a tired dad who nervously thought through every scenario he could think of.  We thought of most things we needed and there’s a few things I would and wouldn’t do again.  Those tips and … Read more

How to Prepare for Birth as a New Dad

How to Prepare for Birth as a New Dad

When my wife and I got pregnant with our son, I knew very little about how to prepare for birth as a new dad.   I didn’t know how long labor and delivery could take, what to bring with you, or when to go to the hospital. Or lots of other things. All I knew was … Read more