Can Dude Wipes Replace a Shower? (Unbiased and Less Stinky)

You’re wondering can dude wipes replace a shower. For the sake of everyone near you today, I hope you’re about to go into nature or a remote area and not just hoping to skip out on bathing today.

I’d seen all sorts of hype about Dude Wipes (including their appearance on Shark Tank) and wondered if they were worth a shot.

Particularly when I’m leaving the gym drenched in sweat and don’t want to drip my ripening sweat all over my car and then my newborn when I get home and say hi.

And while I think Dude Wipes has a great brand, I wanted to try them for myself before I believed their website that says they’re the greatest thing since running water. 

So I tried Dude Wipes. Here’s your answer.

Can Dude Wipes Replace a Shower?

Yes, but only sort of. 

Using a couple (separate) wipes is a great way to get your face feeling free of any grease and armpits a bit less ripe. Or to get your nether regions to be a bit fresher before you leave the bathroom without a shower. 

But I’ve used Dude Wipes in all of these ways and they aren’t a perfect shower replacement. I’d never come out of a workout covered in sweat or a long day of hiking and expect a handful of Dude Wipes to do anything but make me feel a bit less disgusting for an hour or two. 

Besides it being a great tool to use as a last wipe on a bathroom visit, I’d recommend Dude Wipes for those unusual circumstances where you can’t shower, but you don’t want to constantly feel gross. 

When Dude Wipes are good for:

Times like the 6 hour road trip to visit your long distance girlfriend and you don’t want to have to splash gas station water to avoid smelling like the leftover Doritos on your face when you get there. 

Or the Saturday morning hike recovery where you can either dump your whole water bottle on your head and look like a wet dog or use a Dude Wipe so your face doesn’t shine from the sweat while you get lunch with your new friend group.

The other scenario we should cover is when you’ve had a particularly…rough…trip to the bathroom. Like the ones where you want to shower afterward because it just didn’t go well. Yeah the terrible bathroom experience won’t be a good one for a bunch of Dude Wipes

Doesn’t matter whether you’re home or in someone else’s bathroom. If you’re expecting to need several wipes to get some sweet relief, you’d then need to put them in the garbage can because you’ll risk clogging up pipes if you put too many wipes down the drain. (This guy tested Dude Wipes in a toilet. It’s just not a great idea if you like it when your toilet functions.) 

So if you’re hoping to get a bunch of Dude Wipes for those occasional disaster scenarios you need a minute to emotionally recover from, don’t do it. Just stick to the one Dude Wipe route at the very end of the less stressful bathroom trips and use the shower for the emotionally-damaging trips.

Can you use Dude Wipes on your privates?

Yes – it’s ridiculously safe. You can’t actually go through more than a few sentences of Dude Wipe packaging or their website without them explicitly saying Dude Wipes are safe for those areas. 

They’re unusually helpful for the end of a trip to the bathroom (though I wouldn’t recommend flushing them!), and if you’re in a jam and can’t get a full shower, they work for that, too. 

Wait, can adults use baby wipes?

Yes – using Pampers or Cottonelle wipes may not be something you brag about to your friends, but it works great. 

Just keep in mind that not all wipes are baby wipes. Some wipe are disinfecting and antibacterial, and you don’t want to use those anywhere on your body. Those contain chemicals that do the disinfecting and bacteria destroying. 

You can get baby wipes and they’ll do the same thing as Dude Wipes, but they definitely won’t be flushable. Make sure the wipes you use list on them that they’re for use on your body (or a baby’s). 

If wipes fine for your body, the packaging will say so explicitly and if they’re good for babies, they’ll have baby pictures all over them.

And if you don’t want to use baby wipes that are intended for infants, then Goodwipes, Booty Wipes, and Dude Wipes are all good options. (You can bury Dude Wipes though. I haven’t tried burying the other brands like I did with these.)


So can Dude Wipes replace a shower? Yes, but it depends on your definition of clean.

It’s like washing your dog with water and mouth wash because you ran out of soap. Not the perfect solution. But slightly more fresh and less stinky.

Great for when you don’t need to be squeaky clean. We also wrote about what Dude Wipes smell like and a Dude Wipes review.