Can Warmies Be Cold? (Keep THIS in mind!)

Can warmies be cold? What are you – some kind of evil kids product breaker looking to see what cute stuffed animals can endure? The temperature is literally in the name.

Naw just kidding. Whoever named Warmies apparently only had a microwave and not a freezer.

Warmies can be cold. If you need an ice pack or something similar to cool down with, you can put Warmies in the freezer for 1-3 hours.

Can Warmies be cold?

So yes, you can freeze Warmies, but don’t just throw them into the freezer next to the frozen blueberries or chicken wings. You might end up with some weird, non-stuffed-animal-like, smells or colors rubbing off on your stuffed animal. Nobody wants that. 

How can you freeze Warmies?

To freeze Warmies, put them in a large sealed plastic bag or freezer bag and leave them in for 1-3 hours.

Just keep in mind it may feel a bit wet when you take it out. And if that happens, don’t put Warmies in the dryer. More on that below…

But keep in mind…

You need to be super careful not to get your Warmie wet! Depending on how wet it gets, you might be totally out of luck and you’ll have to buy a whole new one.

If your Warmie gets wet, use a hair dryer or towel – no drying machines! My son got a Warmie as a gift from his grandmother (thanks Mom!) and I wanted to figure out that answer myself. 

Here’s more on what do with a wet Warmie.