Can You Link Kroger and Pampers Accounts?

If you’ve read online that you can link a Kroger account and Pampers app together, you’re out of luck now.

You used to be able to link the accounts so your purchases of Pampers products at Kroger automatically put the points in your Pampers Club rewards account.

Linking the accounts isn’t doable anymore, but you can still redeem Kroger gift cards through the Pampers club app.

Linking Kroger and Pampers accounts: No can do

I contacted Kroger…

With a newborn son on the way and lots of diapers I could get points for, I thought it’d be nice to link the Kroger and Pampers accounts so I could save a few bucks without constantly scanning. 

A thorough searching of both the Pampers and Kroger apps and profile settings ended up not helping at all. 

So I reached out to Kroger on their help line and asked if there’s a way still for the accounts to be linked (like they apparently used to). 

The response from the help center is in the picture above. 

Unfortunately, you’ll just need to do the scanning with the app with every Pampers product you buy. 

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