Best Gifts for CrossFit Dads (by a CrossFit Dad)

As a new dad of a 2 month old and a CrossFit box member for the last year, I feel uniquely responsible to share this list of gifts for CrossFit dads (that I actually have or want).

If you’re reading this looking for a gift for your dad or spouse, you’ve found the right place.

And if you’re part of my family, no need to ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday.

Just go ahead and buy everything on this list you haven’t already seen in our house.

The Best Gifts for a Dad Who Does Crossfit

For the Sore Dad

1. Resistance Bands

For the dad who always seems to be stretching something or massaging muscles. He might be happier with his flexibility and ability to stay healthy if he’s got his own set of resistance bands at home to stay flexy.

2. Massage Gun

Sweet relief and massage guns. They should always be out together in the same sentence. Your dad needs a massage gun if you’re constantly hearing what he endured in yesterday’s workout and how tight his muscles feel today because of it.

The Theragun is the most legit brand and likely the longest lasting of any massage gun, but I have the knockoff version in the picture above, which is far less expensive and it works with no issues.

3. GoWod Subscription

For a CrossFit enthusiast, not much can improve their recovery time and ability to avoid injuries like a GoWod subscription.

GoWod is the official mobility partner of Crossfit and their stretching and mobility exercises can be a dad’s best friend if his sole goal is staying healthy enough to show up to the gym consistently.

4. Foam Roller

Don’t want to pull the buy-button trigger and get a massage gun? A foam roller is the next best option for recovery. You can get them in different lengths, but I’d recommend going with the longest version so you can lay down and have it cover your whole spine.

For the Equipment Collecting Dad

5. Whoop Fitness Tracker

Countless competitive CrossFit athletes wear a Whoop wristband to help track their heart rate, sleep, and recovery (among other things). You could also opt for an Oura ring or something similar to a FitBit, but you don’t get the same recovery features or content catered to the CrossFit community like a Whoop gives.

6. Thumb Tape

Realizing at the gym that you forgot tape and you’re about to do a metcon full of cleans is so frustrating. Dad can’t have too much thumb tape.

7. Knee Sleeves

Get these for him and he’ll thank you over and over if he didn’t already have a pair. If he does have a pair, then his knee sleeves absolutely smell and he should get new ones. I hope for your sake he’s kept his in a hidden spot and you’ve never been exposed to them.

8. Pull Up Bar

It wouldn’t have taken me months to learn how to do butterfly pull-ups if I had just bought a darn pull up bar to hang in my garage.

This could be dad’s best friend for a while if he’s working on getting pull ups, muscle ups, or toes to bar. Just know you’ll want a wall mounted one so dad could practice his gymnastics and not worry about crashing down from one of the janky hang-from-a-doorway bars.

9. Kettle Bell

Kettlebells are super common in CrossFit workouts and there are tons of ways to work out with them.

You’ll want to make sure you talk to Dad about which weight he uses most and would like to have, but it’s an awesome gift for him to have for home workouts for the days he can’t make it to his box for a full workout.

This is one you don’t need to get the Rogue or other expensive brand though. There’s an Amazon Basics version of every weight that’ll save you a few bucks.

Gifts for the CrossFit Dad Who Loves Apparel

10. Headbands

They’re not for everybody. But they’re a sure bet to be a hit if your dad is a headband guy.

11. Somebull Shirt

It’s a NoBull official! Ok not so much. Tough to find many humorous CrossFit-related clothing but this one always gets a good laugh.

12. Dad Strength Shirt

CrossFit legend Ben Smith has a great dad strength shirt you can get through Rogue’s website.

13. NoBull Shirts

I’m not sure a CrossFitter can have too many NoBull shirts. They’re as close as it gets to being the official CrossFit workout apparel brand and their clothes aren’t cheap, but they are definitely nice.

There’s nothing that makes you want NoBull shirts more than getting knock off dry fit shirts off Amazon and having them smell easily, fit poorly, and have their stitching fall apart. Yes. I’m unfortunately speaking from experience.

14. CrossFit YouTubers Clothes

If your Crossfitting Dad is devoted enough to watch YouTube videos about working out when he’s not working out himself, I’ll bet you he’s watched the Buttery Bros, Rich Froning’s Crossfit Mayhem, or Mat Fraser’s Hard Work Pays Off.

Can’t go wrong with one of those brands for a CrossFit junkie.

Accessories for the Crossfit Dad Who Has Everything

15. Garage Flag

You can’t have a legit home gym without a flag. Get him a sleek flag from Rogue, HWPO, his home Crossfit box, or his programming he follows.

16. NutriBullet Blender

Quit using that old shaker bottle that barely mixes the protein powder and get a legit blender. Someone gifted me the Nutribullet and I dread the day my power goes out and I’ll need to use a shaker bottle again.

17. Weight Coasters

I’ll bet your dad’s man cave or garage gym doesn’t have these.

18. 128 Ounce Water Bottle

For dad’s specifically on the I’m-getting-healthy train and trying to drink a lot of water, get him the 128 ounce Aquafit water bottle.

You’ll probably spend less time with him seeing as he’ll be headed to the bathroom more often but there’d definitely be no excuse for him ever being dehydrated.


If none of these gifts seem to fit for your CrossFit dad, don’t panic.

Find one or two of his gym buddies and ask what dad’s been talking about lately or what his buddy is getting next for equipment. I’d be shocked if they don’t have an idea or two to suggest.

And if you think we should add something to his list, email us at

Happy giving!