Where to Find Graco Car Seat Model Number

The Graco car seat model number can be used to look up the seat’s expiration date and figure out what other products it’s compatible with. 

To find the Graco car seat model number, look on the bottom of the car seat for a white sticker about 3 inches long. It will have “MODEL” and “NAME” on the top line with the manufacturing date, phone number, other details listed below.

Where to Find the Graco Car Seat Model Number

Model Number Example:

The model number sticker will be on the bottom of the car seat. (Keep in mind this is different than the car seat base. If you have the separate car seat base that you leave in the car, that will have it’s own sticker and model number.)

The sticker is white and a few inches long, and should be seen if you put the car seat on a table or counter top. 

The pictures above show where the sticker is if you’re looking at the bottom of the seat underneath where the baby’s head goes. 

If you’re interested in when Graco car seats expire, check out Graco’s car seat expiration page.