Hatch Rest Review After Nine Months of Dad-ing

My son is now 9 months old and I’ve spent more time messing with sound machines than I’d like to admit. This leads me to this Hatch Rest review, which I’ll make simple and put in context of whether you should or shouldn’t buy one.

In summary, it depends on how old your child is and what you’ll use it for. (And there’s some alternatives

You should buy a Hatch Rest if you:

A. Will use the wake up light

This is first on the list because it’s the most valid reason I’ve found to use the Hatch Rest. The Rest has a schedule feature that you can set on the mobile app so that the light turns at a certain time.

That could be helpful if your kid is old enough to pay attention to it and know it is or isn’t time to get up yet.

My son is 9 months old so he doesn’t know the knob on top of the railing isn’t talking back to him when he smacks it every night before going to bed. Needless to say, he doesn’t need the wake up light.

B. Need a night light

I haven’t seen many night lights that are double as sound machines. The Rest is pretty darn good for that.

It’s incredibly dark in my son’s room and I’ve kicked and/or stepped on several objects when trying to go in and out after putting him down to sleep.

I’d suggest keeping the room as dark as possible and memorizing the furniture layout so you avoid broken toes, but the Rest light (and multiple color options) is useful.

C. Want to connect your phone

Hatch has a mobile app you can connect to for changing the settings from your phone. Helpful if you’ve walked out of the room and forgot to turn the sound or light on.

It’s also pretty helpful if you don’t want to mess with the buttons on the bottom to change the noise, light, or volume. Using the app is much easier for that but will also light up the room if you’re trying to figure it out in the dark. Something to keep in mind.

You should not buy a Hatch Rest if you:

A. Will be traveling

I haven’t had this problem myself, but there are quite a few posts online about the Rest not working after people traveled with it.

It’s already not really a small item compared to other sound machines. But I think it’s something about the on/off ring on top that stops working when it’s taken on the move frequently.

There are smaller, more durable, and just as good sound machines to use for traveling if you only need white noise. I’d recommend this one.

(If your Rest stops working, here’s how to reset it.)

B. Don’t want to mess with tons of buttons

This is my personal main complaint with the Rest. You can change the noise and color by touching the ring on the top, but you can’t change only the noise or only the color using the ring.

To change the settings more specifically without using the app, you have to use the buttons on the bottom of the device.

But the buttons all look the same, none of them are easily recognizable in the dark, and it’s far too easy to press the wrong button and end up needing to scroll through the noises when you’re just trying quickly adjust the volume.

Same solution as above: I’d recommend this sound machine. Less expensive, easier to memorize the location of the on/off button, and fewer buttons to accidentally hit.

C. Only need white noise

If you’re having a baby and only need a white noise machine, just go with a more basic option.

The Rest has some fancy features but I really haven’t used them frequently for my son in the 9 months he’s been alive. That may change as he gets older and can appreciate the night light or wake up light scheduling, but we’re not there yet.

Babies (and baby stuff) are also expensive. There are other sound machines that can go on the registry and shout white noise just as effectively.

Hatch Rest Sound Machine Alternatives

Yogasleep Hushh

Great for taking with you elsewhere. We’ve used it primarily when we travel and will throw in a backpack so that we have it for our son in the stroller if he falls asleep or if we’re going to bed and want some white noise for ourselves.

My only warning is to be careful to check which side the on/off button is on. On the other end of the buttons is a lock button that will make the other buttons not useable if you lock the device.

That can be a headache if you’re trying to adjust the volume or turn it off and don’t realize it’s locked.

Fitniv White Noise Machine

This is what we use in our son’s room every night for the last 6 months. Once I realized messing with the Hatch buttons was annoying.

It’s small, easy to grab and take elsewhere, and durable. Also much cheaper than a Hatch.

My one complaint is the buttons are very flat and can be tough to feel for in the dark. I’d recommend taking a marker and drawing a circle around the on/off button so it’s easier to see.

Once I started remembering which button it and where to feel for it, it’s worked great.

Hatch Rest Go

If you do want a Hatch device but not the Rest or pricier Restore, Hatch recently came out with a Rest Go, which I haven’t used myself.

It seems to be a good option and solve a lot of the annoyances I mentioned above. And I will say the Hatch Rest seems to be made well, despite some of the funky design details. So I’d expect the Rest Go to be made well, too.

Have other questions?

Shoot me an email at gdhquestions@gmail.com if you have questions about things not mentioned above. All in all, whether you should get a Hatch Rest depends mostly on your kid’s age. Happy parenting!

(You may also be interested in Hatch sound info or volume and decibel guide.)

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