How to Fix MamaRoo Clicking Noise

Something tells me you’re trying to get your baby to relax for a moment in the MamaRoo swing, but it’s clicking and your baby isn’t liking it. So now you’re frantically punching how to fix MamaRoo clicking noise into Google.

There are a few possible issues, but there’s a common fix that we’ll describe below. Before you do any of these steps, makes sure your baby not too heavy for the swing’s weight limit (25 pounds) and that there is nothing in the way of the swing that would obstruct movement of the base.


  1. Remove the mobile and seat. 
  2. Remove the swing’s arms.
  3. Remove the silver bar from the base.
  4. Unscrew the 6 screws from the base and lift off the cover.
  5. File down the small white tabs at the top of the base.

Things to Check First:

Before you go removing any of the swing pieces, there’s a few things to check:

  • Is your baby over the 25 pound (11.3 kg) weight limit? If so, they shouldn’t be put in the swing.
  • Is there anything in the way of the swing at the base that would keep it from moving?
  • Make sure the grey latch on the back of the base is fully pushed down.
  • Is your swing less than a year old?
    • 4Moms will sometimes give refunds for swings under 12 months old at or 888-614-6667. Disassembling the swing may void any warranties or refunds.

And if you’d like to see if this solution will fix the noise your swing is making, compare your noise to the noise being made in this video. (Though don’t follow all the directions in that video. It has unnecessary steps and more disassembly than needed.)

Steps to Fix the MamaRoo Clicking Noise

1. Remove the mobile and seat

First, take the mobile off the top of the swing by twisting it counter clockwise and then lifting up. 

Remove the seat by unbuttoning the fabric at the top and bottom of the swing, then unzip each side of the fabric from the arms.

2. Remove the swing’s arms

Remove the arms by pushing the small grey metal pieces shown above, which will then allow the arms to pop free.

There are two of these on each end of the base.

3. Remove the silver bar from the base

Remove the silver bar by first lifting the the grey latch on the back of the swing. Then take off the white connector at the front of the swing that the arms connected to and pull the silver bar out of the base.

To remove the white piece that connects to the arms, push the small grey tab underneath where the fabric would go to allow the white piece to pop away from the silver bar.

The silver bar will slide out of the base towards the back of the swing.

4. Unscrew the 6 screws from the base and lift off the cover.

Remove the six screws holding the white cover onto the base. The middle two screws require a size 7/64 hex key (also known as an allen wrench) . The other 4 screws require a small Phillips head screwdriver.

After the 6 screws are removed, gently pull the white cover up from the base. 

5. File down the small white tabs at the top of the base

Once the white cover is removed, you’ll see what’s in the picture above. There are several white plastic “tabs” about one inch long and an eighth of an inch tall that extend from the top of the base. (See above picture)

When the swing is moving and has the added weight of a baby in the seat, the moving base of the swing will often rub against one of those white tabs. (Similar to in this video.)

To get rid of this, you’ll want to file or sand down those white tabs so they don’t stick out from the base. You can also try cutting them, but I’d recommend filing or sanding so you don’t accidentally cut off too large of a piece of plastic. See here to see what it looks like once the tabs have been filed down. Once put back together, this should remove the MamaRoo clicking noise.

Putting the base back together:

Getting the base back together can be a little bit of a challenge. 

To get the white cover back onto the base properly, I recommend lining up the two screw holes toward the front of the swing first, then pushing the back of the cover down to have the rear two screw holes lined up last. To get the cover to line up properly, you may have to jiggle the grey latch on the back of the cover up and down to get the cover to sit properly on the screw holes.

I also used a flashlight to look through the holes in the cover and see if the screw holes lined up so they could be screwed in.

If this fix doesn’t work, you may want to try this or this MamaRoo clicking noise video to troubleshoot other swing areas.

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