How to Wash and Dry Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Your baby (like mine) is lounging like Snoop Dogg in a Corona commercial in their Baby Bjorn Bouncer. Until they’re not. And they’ve upchucked everywhere. Which means you’re searching for instructions on how to wash a Baby Bjorn Bouncer. The 3 steps: 

  1. Unhook the elastic loops at the bottom
  2. Machine wash in warm water
  3. Let it air dry

More details below on the instructions to follow.

Bouncer Washing Instructions

1. Unhook the elastic loops at the bottom

There are two small elastic loops at the bottom of the bouncer that hook the seat onto the metal frame.

After you unhook the two loops, you should be able to slide the seat cover up and off the metal frame.

2. Machine wash in warm water

Machine wash the seat on warm with any bleach free detergent. This works for any of the Baby Bjorn seat fabrics, including mesh, jersey, and cotton.

3. Let the bouncer air dry

Hang the fabric to let it air dry. (The sticker on the fabric specifically notes to not tumble dry or iron the fabric.)

Can you machine dry the Bouncer?

No – it’s not recommended to put the seat fabric in the dryer. The Bouncer drying instructions recommends only air drying the fabric, which will help it stay in better shape.

Pro tip to save some washing:

Your results may vary, but lots of parents report the Bouncer is a common spot for their baby to fill (or overflow) their diaper. 

You can put a small towel or even a puppy pad on the seat before putting your baby in so you’re not constantly washing the fabric.

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