MamaRoo Swing Power Instructions

Considering getting a MamaRoo to give your arms a rest and wondering about it’s portable power capabilities? Well, you’re mostly out of luck. It always needs to be plugged in.

To power the MamaRoo swing, you’ll need to plug the power cord into an outlet and the other end into the back of the swing’s base. 

The swing comes with a power cord when you purchase it new, but you can also buy one separately from the swing. You can buy them new on the 4Moms website, or get a new or used one on Amazon or eBay. 

(Check our Bluetooth version guide if you’re not sure which swing version you have or how to check.)

Where to plug in the MamaRoo

On all MamaRoo versions, there is a small power cord opening on the back of base. It’s the only hole opening you’ll see for the circular power cord.

Is the swing wireless?

No – the newer versions of the swing can be turned on and adjusted from your phone, but all versions of the swing need to be plugged in to an outlet for them to turn on. 

If you’ve heard of a wireless MamaRoo swing, you might be thinking of a 4Moms BounceRoo. The BounceRoo used batteries and didn’t need a power cord, but it’s now discontinued.

Does the MamaRoo charge?

Nope. No matter how long you plug it in for, you’ll need to plug it in every time you use it.

Does the MamaRoo take batteries?

No – there’s nowhere to insert batteries. The older 4Moms BounceRoo used 3 AAA batteries but it’s now discontinued. 

If you’re not sure if you have a BounceRoo or MamaRoo, the BounceRoo has a hollow base and two black support arms, rather than the MamaRoo’s one silver support bar like in the picture above

Is the MamaRoo dual voltage?

Yes – the power cord works between 100 and 240 volts alternating current or between 50 and 60 hertz.

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