Which MamaRoo Swing Setting is Best?

I searched far and wide to find which MamaRoo swing setting is best. Scaled tall mountains. Traversed deep valleys. Searched obscure websites. 

Alright I didn’t scale mountains or travers valleys. But I did search lots of websites to see if any experts have weighed in. With a newborn about to arrive in a matter of weeks, I wanted to know which setting will best suit my son and give my wife and my (very likely tired) arms a break. It turns out…

The best MamaRoo swing setting is the one that your little one seems to like most. 4Moms doesn’t have a speed, motion, or angle that it recommends, and each motion is supposed to simulate a natural movement, so you’re best off plopping your little one in and seeing which settings they like.

What settings does a MamaRoo have?

There are 25 total setting variations. The five motion settings are car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave. For each of the motion settings, there are five speed settings. You can also adjust the angle of the seat.

How do I change the swing’s settings?

To change the recline angle, lift the latch on the back of the swing and slide the silver bar so the seat sits higher or lower. When you’re done, push the latch back down.

To change the motion setting, touch one of the five motion buttons. If you have an older swing version, push the side arrows to change between motions.

To change the speed setting, touch the motion button that the swing is currently set to. On an older swing version, push the up or down arrows to speed up or slow down.

Need more help?

Here’s how to connect the swing to Bluetooth and it’s power instructions.