Which MamaRoo Swings Have Bluetooth?

If you’re going to be using a MamaRoo swing for your little one and you want to control it from your phone, you’ll need to know which MamaRoo swings have bluetooth capabilities – it’s not all of them! 

You’ll need one of the more recent versions. Each version with pictures are listed below.

Which MamaRoo Swings Have Bluetooth?

The swings with bluetooth capabilities are models 1046, 1037, and 1026. These are the newest three models, but only the 1046 and 1037 are being manufactured and sold currently. The 1026 has been discontinued. If your swing has a touchscreen or touch sensitive buttons, then it also has bluetooth.

If you already have a swing but aren’t sure which model it is, the model number is embossed on the underneath of the base.

What do the swings with bluetooth look like?

The models with bluetooth will have:

1. A base in the shape of an oval (no corners)

2. Either a touch screen or touch sensitive buttons. 

Swings with bluetooth:

What do the swings without bluetooth look like?

The models without bluetooth will have:

1. Docking station

2. No touch screen

3. Either yellow or gray buttons.

Need to connect your swing to bluetooth?

Check out our guide on how to connect to Bluetooth (or see the power instructions).