Babysense V43 Split Screen Baby Monitor Review (Pros & Cons)

The three word Babysense V43 Baby Monitor review is: we’d recommend it! We’re now about 4 months into parenthood (yes, we’re tired) and the camera hasn’t failed us. 

We’re glad to have two cameras, it’s not an extraordinarily pricy camera like other baby monitors you can buy, it was easy to set up, and it’s done everything we’ve hoped it would. 

Read on for more details on pro’s and con’s (and a few meh things about it).

Babysense V43 Review

Babysense V43 Pro’s:

Pro 1: Easy to mount

Mounting babysense camera

I was pleasantly surprised to find the cameras were super easy to mount on the wall so I could get the right angle of the bassinet. It was as quick as sticking a thumbtack into the wall, hanging the camera base on it, and then adjusting the camera to point at the bassinet.

Super easy and not hard to do. Once my son gets older and could potentially pull on the cord on his room, I’ll hang it on a nail or a hanger that’s more secure.

Pro 2: Easy to transport

I’m writing this in hindsight having take a trip to visit family and wished we brought the camera and monitor along.

If you travel quite a bit and will want a monitor to take with you, this is a good option. The camera needs to be plugged into an outlet and the monitor comes with a charger. All that can be put back into the box and taken with you or stored in a suitcase without taking up much room.

It’d be easy to mount wherever you’re going if you don’t mind sticking a tack in the wall to hang the camera on for a good view of the crib. We’ll be taking it with us on our next trip so we don’t have to use the FaceTime method of my wife leaving her phone in the baby’s room on FaceTime with me like a makeshift baby monitor.

(We have some other flying with a baby tips as well.)

Pro 3: Having multiple cameras is great

Within a few months, our son alternated between taking naps in his bassinet in our room and in his crib in his own room. It made it super easy to have one monitor that could switch between the two cameras depending on where we put him down and there was no need to move just one camera.

Pro 4: It came already synced

I appreciated that the camera came synced to the monitor already. I expected to need to sync the cameras and monitors since I got it brand new, but they were already set up and ready to use as soon as I took them out of the box and plugged them in.

Pro 5: Good signal range

The only time I’ve had an issue with the range is if we sit outside on our back porch and the monitor is upstairs on the other side of the house. Then it gets a bit fuzzy. That doesn’t happen often, and I haven’t had a single issue with the range inside our house, so this is a pro in my book.

It also helps to turn the antenna up rather than keeping it pushed against the monitor. Unless you’re going 60+ feet from the cameras with the monitor, I don’t expect any signal issues.

Babysense V43 Con’s:

Con 1: Leaving it on

I noticed after leaving the camera switched on for several days that it felt hot when I touched it. To save the camera life and keep it safe from potentially overheating, I’d recommend switching the camera off when you’re not using it or at least once every few days.

Con 2: Annoying low battery warning

The monitor lets out a weird scratchy noise when it has a low battery. I expected it to be a quiet beep or a light to come on (a light does also come on, too), but the annoying record-scratching-like noise happens automatically every 10 or 15 seconds. It’s a minor issue, but still annoying enough to mention.

Con 3: Can’t connect to a phone app

This isn’t a huge concern for me but I know connecting to a phone is doable with other types of cameras, so I think it’s worth noting. There’s no way to connect the camera to an app or your phone, so you can only view the video feed on the monitor when it’s nearby. 

Some cameras will connect to your phone so you could be looking at your sleeping baby in the crib when you’re thousands of miles away traveling. I didn’t need that so I don’t mind it, but this isn’t the camera for you if you want that. 

Babysense V43 Meh‘s:

Meh 1: Video quality

Babysense V43 Review Camera Review: Screen Resolution

It’s by no means a high definition video picture. But the purpose is to see if my baby is still asleep or needs anything, not to watch sports. There are probably more technically impressive camera with clearer pictures but I’m sure they’d come at a higher price as well.

Meh 2: Plays lullaby noises

It might be a nice feature to have if your baby is a bit older or falls asleep with lullabies instead of white noise. Not a bad feature to have, but not one we’ve used since we use a separate white noise machine (part of my recommendations for new dads).

Meh 3: Decent battery life

The monitor battery life is closer to a pro than a con, but I haven’t noticed it being particularly good or bad. It stays on long enough without us having to constantly charge it. I’d still expect to charge it once a day though or just leave it plugged in while you’re using it. It’s not like an old Samsung phone that seems to have unlimited battery life.


All in all, the Babysense V43 Baby Monitor review would be yes – would buy again – from us. It’s solidly in the middle ground of price while still having plenty of features and everything we needed out of a monitor.

P.S. You can sometimes also get a discount on the Babysense website by signing up for their email list.