Can You Bury Dude Wipes? (I tried it!)

You’re on a hike, in the middle of a road trip, or out camping. You just used a Dude Wipe and now wonder: can you bury Dude Wipes? Dude Wipes are marketed as biodegradable and water-based, so you would think they should dissolve if left in nature. I left Dude Wipes buried in my backyard … Read more

Magna Tile Quantities: How Many Do You Need?

Magna Tiles aren’t cheap, so it’s normal to wonder how many do you really need for your kids to actually play with. If you’re like me, you’re a parent who doesn’t love spending extra money on toys you don’t need.  I consulted my kindergarten teaching wife, who has seen Magna Tiles and toys galore get … Read more

The Best Brands Compatible with Magna Tiles – Complete Guide

Did your little one just get a magnificent magnetic gift and now you’re wondering what’s compatible with Magna Tiles? As awesome as they are, Magna Tiles unfortunately aren’t cheap. With a wife who teaches kindergarten, we’ve learned some good alternatives that work with Magna Tiles and help you build more massive magnetic creations. The quick … Read more

What Do Dude Wipes Smell Like? (We Sniffed ‘Em)

You’re standing in Walmart, staring at the wipes, and wondering what do dude wipes smell like.  You just made the last stop before you get to your long-distance girlfriend’s house and don’t want to go in smelling like baby wipes. And of course you don’t have anywhere to shower to cleanse your road trip stink.  … Read more

MamaRoo Swing Power Instructions

Considering getting a MamaRoo to give your arms a rest and wondering about it’s portable power capabilities? Well, you’re mostly out of luck. It always needs to be plugged in. To power the MamaRoo swing, you’ll need to plug the power cord into an outlet and the other end into the back of the swing’s … Read more