How to Reset the Hatch Rest

Have some restraint! Put the Rest down and slowly walk away. Throwing it from a second floor window isn’t included in how to reset the Hatch Rest instructions. 

If your Hatch Rest won’t turn on, won’t play sounds, or won’t light up, you’ll want to try resetting it before buying a new one (or hurling it over the backyard). If you do hurl it, save yourself absurd amounts of time and just get one of these.

Plug in the Rest and push a paper clip or thumb tack into the small hole on the bottom of the Hatch Rest. Push until you feel a small click, hold it for 5-10 seconds, wait 60 seconds, and turn the Rest back on.

How to reset a Hatch Rest:

First make sure the ends of the power cord are plugged in to an outlet and to the Hatch Rest. If it’s not plugged in, it won’t reset.

And if your Rest will turn on but you can’t get it to light up, here’s how to touch the metal ring to turn the light on.

Where to put the paperclip to reset:

When you push the paper clip or thumb tack into the hole, you’ll feel and hear a slight click. You’ll want to hear and feel the click, then hold it down for 5-10 seconds, then wait 60 seconds for the Rest to reset and try turning it back on.

How to Reset a Hatch Rest+:

You can reset the Hatch Rest Plus the same way. Turn the Rest Plus off, then push a paper clip or thumb tack into the hole with an R next to it, which is on the left side of where the power cord is plugged in. When you feel and hear the button click, hold it down for 5-10 seconds.

(Not sure which Rest version you have? A Rest+ displays the time on the front and will look like this. The first version of the Hatch Rest has an egg symbol on the front (opposite the power cord) and the second version of the Rest instead displays the time and does not have an egg logo. The Rest Mini is only a sound machine and doesn’t have a cone shaped light on top.)

Hatch won’t turn on?

If your Hatch won’t turn on, troubleshoot the light and sounds, check the power cord, and try turning it on manually without Wifi.

You can also contact Hatch for a replacement if it’s within the one year warranty requirements.

Here’s more instructions for each troubleshooting option and the warranty.

1. Check the power cord

The power cord needs to be plugged into the back of the Hatch and also into an outlet. 

You can get a replacement power cord on the Hatch website.

2. Check the outlet

It’s also possible your outlet isn’t working. First, try plugging the Hatch into a different outlet to see if your outlet isn’t working. 

Or try plugging another device into the same outlet to see if the outlet is getting power.

3. Troubleshoot the light

If you can still hear the sound when you turn on the Hatch (don’t forget to turn up the volume), the device is getting power.

If the sound is working, it’s possible the light is turned off. You can try turning on the light by pressing the metal ring on top of the Hatch or using the mobile app.

4. Troubleshoot the sound

To check if it’s the sound that’s not working, try turning on the Hatch and swapping through the colors. 

If the light still works, it’s possible the volume needs to be turned up on the bottom of the Hatch.

5. Turn on manually (without Wifi)

If you’ve been using the mobile app to turn on the Hatch and your Wifi isn’t working, you won’t be able to turn on the Hatch from your app. 

Try turning on the Hatch manually by touching the metal ring on top of the device.

6. Check the warranty

If you purchased a Hatch Rest through Hatch or one of their authorized resellers (list below), your device has a one year warranty.  

For more info or to submit a warranty claim, go to the Hatch website.

The Hatch authorized resellers are Amazon sold by Hatch Baby, Inc., Target, Best Buy, BuyBuyBaby, BabyList, Pottery Barn Kids, Nordstrom, and

Rest’s light won’t change?

Here’s how to change the light on the Hatch Rest. (It took me way too long to realize how to do it.)