How to Change Hatch Rest Color Without the App

You’re setting up the Hatch Rest and are having as tough of a time figuring out how to change the light color without the app as you are trying to sleep for more than 37 minutes at a time.

I still don’t know the solution for the sleeping but I did figure out how to change the light color. 

To change the Hatch Rest color without the app, touch the metal ring on top of the light once. This will also cycle through the built-in sound options at the same time. To turn off the whole device, hold your finger on the metal ring until the light fades out. 

How to Change Hatch Color Without the App:

There’s a small metal ring on top of the hatch. It’s silver and it’s the only piece of metal you’ll see. (It wouldn’t shock me if you’ve accidentally bumped it without realizing it’s there.)

How to adjust the Hatch light’s brightness:

How to Change Light Color on Hatch Rest Plus

You can change the color on the Hatch Rest Plus the same way as on the Hatch Rest: by touching the metal ring on top of the light. The only difference is the Hatch Rest Plus doesn’t have the settings and buttons on the base of the light.

Want to reset the Rest?

If your Hatch Rest isn’t cooperating and you want to reset the whole device, read here on how to reset the light.