Hushh Sound Machine Volume and Decibel Guide

Thank goodness for the sweet sleep and relief that comes from the Hushh sound machine decibels filling your baby’s room.

I hope your newborn enjoys the Hushh as much as mine does (and as much as I do – it actually puts me to sleep). 

I tested the Hushh and its decibels to make sure it was safe and not too loud for our little one.

Setting the Hushh to it’s lowest volume then holding the volume up button for 1.5-2 seconds made the sound options about 40-50 decibels if the baby’s crib is 7 feet from the Hushh.

How loud should Hushh sound machine volume be for a newborn?

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends noise machines are 50 decibels or quieter for babies. 

With the Hushh 7 feet away, if you turn the volume all the way down and then hold it’s volume up button for 1.5-2 seconds, you’ll reach about 50 decibels. 

You’ll want to decrease the volume and hold the up button for a second or less if you place the Hushh closer to your baby. (And of course don’t put it in the crib or bassinet where the baby sleeps.)

The first white noise option is the highest decibels, the second white noise option is fewer decibels and lower pitched, and the ocean noise is a mix since it goes up and down in volume.

How far should the Hushh be from baby?

Many sites say the AAP recommends sound machines are kept 7 feet away.

The Marpac Hushh manual recommends placing the Hushh at least 3 feet from your newborn.

Which option you go with doesn’t make a significant difference, as long as you adjust the volume level appropriately (under 50 decibels). 

How to test the decibels of your Hatch Rest volume

We suggest downloading the Decibel: dB sound level meter app (links: Decibel for iOS and Decibel for Android). They also have an article on safe decibel levels for babies.

Keep in mind, if you check your home’s decibel levels, you likely won’t see 0 decibels come up even when you think the room is silent. Even quiet rooms often have noise and decibels we won’t sense as adults.

Hushh Maximum Decibels

When we tested the Hushh in my son’s very quiet room (with it placed 7 feet away), the maximum volume it went up to was about 70 decibels.

Need more help with the Hushh?

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