Hushh Sound Machine Review and Ultimate Overview

If you’re a tired human that likes sleeping with white noise or a parent with a little one who likes white noise (then you’re definitely a tired human), go ahead and quit wondering about Hushh sound machine reviews and just buy one.

I originally bought a Hushh for my wife and I to use when we visited friends or family to make up for the lack of fan noise we have in our room at home. And I’ve now used it on dozens of trips for us and several times for my newborn son.

More below on why I’d recommend it and questions you might have (or will have after you get one).

Hushh Sound Machine Review

Battery life

Never an issue! I’ve used it for multiple nights in a row (typically 3) and haven’t had any problems with the battery turning off or getting worn out with time.

I’d recommend charging it after about 16 hours so the battery doesn’t run out while you’re asleep, but I’ve had it last for 24 hours of use on a full charge.

It typically takes about 3.5-4 hours to charge and can be turned on while charging.


The ability to throw the Hushh in a big and take it with you is one of main reasons I’d buy several more if the battery in mine ever stopped charging. 

I also have a Hatch Rest sound machine in my son’s room and if you only need white noise (without any colored lights or a timer), I’d definitely recommend the Hushh first. 

Some Hatch users have had issues with their Hatch not working after taking it with them on trips, and I’ve found the Hushh to never have an issue. I’ve taken it on work trips and on trips to visit family, and it’s always worked perfectly.


It’s tough to beat the Hushh on price. You can get it for about $20 through Amazon or Target, and there are very few less expensive options. 

Even though it’s pretty inexpensive, it works great as a basic sound machine and is far cheaper than the several more expensive options online that are essentially going to give you the same white noise.

Summary (perfect if you just need white noise)

If you only want white noise to keep you (or your little one) asleep, the Hushh is great. It doesn’t have the colored lights, a sleep timer, dozens of sounds, or an app you can link it with.

It’s not expensive, you can throw it in a backpack and not worry about breaking it, it has good battery life, and can be used while it’s charging.

Have an issue?

The Hushh is a Marpac product, so it has a one-year warranty. 

You can contact the Hushh customer service by submitting a ticket or calling them at 800-999-6962 (USA/Canada) or 910-602-1421 (worldwide) between 9-6pm EST between Monday to Friday.

Overview & Questions:

Hushh won’t turn off?

If the Hushh won’t turn off when you hold down the power button, try turning off the child lock by holding down both the S and power buttons for 3 seconds. 

You’ll know the child lock has turned on or off when the small indicator light blinks three times. 

If you’ve checked that the child lock isn’t on and the Hushh still won’t turn off, the next best option is to wrap it in a towel (and maybe toss it in a closet) to wait until the battery runs out. 

How long does it take to charge?

The Hushh can charge from a dead battery to full charge in about 4 hours. 

I’ve charged it several times from a dead battery (after forgetting to plug it in) to full charge and have never had the battery charging speed slow down.

Hushh won’t charge?

The Hushh should charge as long as it’s plugged into an outlet. You’ll know it’s charging if the small light between the S button and the charging port will blink.

How do you know when fully charged?

The small light between S button and charging port will turn off when fully charged.

How to reset:

There actually isn’t a reset function on the Hushh. Your best if the Hushh won’t charge is trying a different outlet or charging cable. 

And if it won’t turn off, try turning off the child lock then holding down the power button.

How to unlock the Hushh:

To unlock the Hushh, hold down both the S and power buttons for 3 seconds. 

You’ll know the child lock has turned on or off when the small indicator next to the S button blinks three times. 

Hushh won’t turn on?

If the Hushh won’t turn on, it’s likely the battery is dead and needs to be charged. 

If you plug it in and the small indicator light between the S button and charging port doesn’t blink slowly, then the battery is completely dead. 

When the light blinks while it’s plugged in, then it’s in the process of charging and the light will turn off when it’s fully charged.

You’re out of luck if the Hushh won’t charge as there isn’t a way to reset or open it. We’d recommend buying a new one rather than trying to pry it open and look for an issue (I’ve tried and it doesn’t open easily).

What’s the orange light?

The orange light is the indicator light showing the battery status. See next question for what the orange light means!

What’s the blinking light mean?

The Hushh has a blinking light that can blink at two different speeds. 

The fast blinking light means the Hushh has a low battery and will turn off soon. A slow blinking light means the Hushh is charging.

And what’s the yellow light?

The yellow light on the Hushh is the night light. It’s the larger light on the other side of the charging port from the indicator charging or low battery light.

How do you turn off the Hushh light?

Turn off the night light by pushing the power button twice quickly.

How long does the Hushh battery last?

Typically between 12-16 hours depending on how loud it is when turned on.

I’ve used it at about half volume for up to 24 hours of sleep on a full charge. If you turn it up louder, I’d expect it to last closer to 12 hours.

Can you use it while charging?

Yes! The Hushh can be turned on and charging at the same time. 

Once it’s fully charged, I’d recommend unplugging it so that it doesn’t drain the battery life down faster and shorten the life of the device.

How many noises does the Hushh have?

The Hushh has 3 sounds: two white noises of different pitches and one waves noise.

Does it have a timer?

It unfortunately doesn’t. The Hushh is either on or off and will only adjust if you press the buttons. If you’re interested in a sound machine with a timing feature, you can try the Fitniv or Hatch Rest.

Need volume help?

We tried it – we set the volume to 50 decibels or less for our newborn by putting it 7 feet away and holding the volume up button for 1.5-2 seconds.