The Best Brands Compatible with Magna Tiles – Complete Guide

Did your little one just get a magnificent magnetic gift and now you’re wondering what’s compatible with Magna Tiles?

As awesome as they are, Magna Tiles unfortunately aren’t cheap. With a wife who teaches kindergarten, we’ve learned some good alternatives that work with Magna Tiles and help you build more massive magnetic creations.

The quick answer is I’d recommend Picasso Tiles. There’s a code below for 20% off as well.

Magnetic Toys Compatible with Magna Tiles

Best Budget Friendly Alternatives:

1. Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles are the most affordable of the options. You can get 20% off on the Picasso Tiles website with code AFF20%OFF and free shipping on any orders over $20. (They also have a 180 piece set that’s super affordable.)

Picasso Tiles are compatible and will connect with Magna Tiles. They have a slightly different feel and their edges a bit more rounded, but they’re the same shapes and sizes. You can barely tell the difference between the two brands without actually looking for their name on a tile.

Also a huge bonus that you could get two boxes of 100 Picasso Tiles for the price of one box of 100 Magna Tiles.

2. AFUNX Amazon Brand

AFUNX tiles are an Amazon brand that will connect with Magna Tiles. You can get a set of 130 pieces for about half the price on of Magna Tiles.

Best Alternatives for Building

If you have an older little one who is mobile and typically flies, drives, or picks up their toys around the house, the below options are best with the strongest magnets.

3. Magformers

Magformers fit with Magna Tiles and have strong magnets that make moving the structure easier. 

They also come in different sets (like a Carnival or a Design set) that gives some variation to the huge sets that all brands offer.

4. Playmags

Like Magformers, Playmags also work with Magna Tiles have some of the stronger magnets of all the tile options.

Best Alternatives for Most Tiles

5. Connetix Tiles: Rainbow – 212 Pieces

Connetix tiles also connect with Magna Tiles. Like Magna Tiles, Connectix is a large brand and has a lot of tile shape variations and sets of different sizes and prices.

You can also get a Pastel set with 202 pieces.

6. MEGAGON Tiles: 182 Pieces

If you have multiple kids that will be playing at once and need as many tiles as you can get, MEGAGON is a great option as you can get 182 tiles in one box.

What isn’t compatible with Magna Tiles?

Tegu Blocks

Tegu blocks unfortunately don’t fit with Magna Tiles. They’re a fun alternative since they’re made of wood and have a different feel, but that prevents them from fitting well with other magnetic tile brands.

Super Space Blocks

Super Space Blocks are FAR bigger than Magna Tiles, but that also makes them awesome.

These are fantastic if your kids like building forts and you don’t want your living room to turn into an instant mess with couch cushions and blankets everywhere.

Surfaces Compatible with Magna Tiles

If you want to add some creative juice to your Magna Tiles builds, don’t just add more pieces. Try one of these surfaces:

Garage Door

Why just build up from the floor when you can build out from the garage door?

Also great for getting the kids out of the house and in some fresh air and sun.

Magnetic White Board

Keep in mind you’ll need the white board to be magnetic, so not just any white board works, but drawing around the tiles on the board with dry erase markers can put a new twist on playing with the same set of tiles.


Magnetic tile brands will stick to fridges. You just might want to check the tiles don’t scratch your particular fridge surface before slapping them on.

Want to light up your tiles?

Glow in the dark stuff is awesome. If your kids want a different variation of tiles, give the Glow in the Dark Magna Tiles a go.

Or try putting LED lights inside your tiles like this creative dad did.

Our suggestion: go with Playmags!

If you had to go with only one tile brand compatible with Magna Tiles, we’d recommend the Playmags 100 piece set. You’ll get both strong magnets in a good quantity and won’t have to break the bank to do it. 

We also have help on how many tiles a kid actually needs and how to dry soaked Magna Tiles. And if you’re a dad stuck inside with your son like I sometimes am, check out our indoor father son activities.

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