Dude Wipes Review and Guide (From a Smelly Guy)

I’m not a ridiculously smelly guy that never smells fresh. I did manage to marry out of my league, so I smell decent sometimes (or at least used to).

But it’s somewhat frequent now that I finish a work-from-home Zoom meeting and as my mom used to put it, I “don’t smell like roses”.

So I’ve seen the ads and but not Dude Wipes reviews, so I wanted to give ’em a whirl and see if they’re worth it.

Below are some pro’s. Some Con’s. And some answered questions.

Dude Wipes Pro’s

1. Awesome as a last wipe

Since I wouldn’t flush them, I’m a fan of using it as a last swipe wipe down below to get to peak freshness once you’re already very clean. And since it isn’t full of dung, it’s less gross to put to the trash.

2. Faster than a shower

I’m not telling you to not take a shower. But I am telling you they’re a big help when you’re busy and working outside or just finished an assembly job in the garage and don’t want to shower again.

3. Less lame than baby wipes

If you want wipes to keep in your car or use on the go, you’ll get a lot fewer weird looks when people see Dude Wipes than if they see you pulling out a bunch of baby wipes. If you don’t care what people think at all, then go ahead and ignore this. 

4. No smell (unless you get the mint chill scented ones)

You don’t have to worry about smelling like flower petals or some weird scented candle after using them. They’re legitimately scentless.

Dude Wipes Con’s

1. Flushing not recommended

I trust this very experienced plumber on YouTube who tested flushing Dude Wipes and he wouldn’t recommend it. 

I also like it when my toilet works well. Not sure it’s worth it to risk putting the wipes in the toilet and then have a very unhappy wife if the pipes clog.

2. Throw ’em in the garbage

Since flushing them isn’t a great idea, the next best way to dispose of them is putting them in the garbage. And on the off chance you get more “leftovers” on the wipe than you expected, then you’re going to have that in your trash can. 

Seeing a wipe with fresh doodoo in the garbage can is pretty gross and not enjoyed by wives. So either make sure you take the trash out or you only use Dude Wipes as a last wipe once you’re already 99% clean.

3. Similar to baby wipes

In many ways, Dude Wipes are very similar to baby wipes and if you’re buying baby wipes for you kids already, just stick with them. 

Where would I use them?

As a shower replacement:

The short answer is they’re great if you can’t shower and don’t want to feel disgusting

They don’t totally replace a shower (we wrote a whole other post about Dude Wipes as a shower replacement), but they do a great job of taking away the mid-afternoon scum. 

If I go through a day and a half of busyness and don’t get to shower, I’m going to have hat hair and a greasy face. 

This happened this week and I used a Dude Wipe to wipe down my neck and face, and it was a surprisingly good 30 second solution that kept me from feeling like I was coated in grease the rest of the day.

As a toilet paper replacement:

Dude Wipes are a great way to finish a trip to the bathroom, but it’s not recommended that you use a bunch at a time. 

It actually says right on the Dude Wipes packaging that not all septic and sewage systems are able to handle flushing Dude Wipes. 

And the package recommends that you only flush one at a time. Since I have zero desire to need to call a plumber about a backed up toilet, I’d go with using one Dude Wipe as a last wipe to make sure everything’s extra clean and feeling fresh. 

And if all goes as planned and the used Dude Wipe isn’t very dirty, then I’d throw it in the trash. 

That might mean sometimes emptying the trash so the wipe doesn’t sit there for long, but most of the time it won’t be necessary.

Do Dude Wipes kill bacteria?

Dude Wipes are not antibacterial or disinfecting. They’re similar to getting a quick wash to soap and water. 

Antibacterial and disinfecting wipes typically have alcohol and sodium hypochlorite as main ingredients, and Dude Wipes don’t contain these.

Dude Wipes are made from water and plant based fibers with the goal of the wipe being able to break down easier and be flushable. (Though it’s debatable on whether or not they should be flushed.)

For a wipe that kills bacteria, you’ll want to go with a brand that clearly states on the packaging that they’re antibacterial. Keep in mind, that will likely mean they’re not flushable. 

Are Dude Wipes bigger than other wipes?

The Dude Wipes 48 count wipes are bigger than most wipes, but not all.

Most other brands of wipes are less than 7 inches on one side and less than Dude Wipes’ 49 square inches. 

For the largest flushable wipes, Goodwipes brand flushable wipes are 8.25 x 6.25 inches, for a total of 51.5 square inches.

The Dude Wipes on-the-go wipes are smaller and only 44 square inches, which is very similar to the size of most other flushable wipes. 

Dude Wipes dimensions:

The Dude Wipes that come in a 48 count pack are 7 x 7 inches. 

The on-the-go wipes that are packaged individually are smaller, only 5.7 x 7.8 inches.

Do Dude Wipes burn?

No – not normally. Water is a main ingredient and there’s no disinfecting chemicals, so it’s not like getting chlorine in your eyes.

But if you have a reason to be extra careful down there or near a cut, Dude Wipes has a solution. They have medicated Dude Wipes with witch hazel that makes them more soothing.

What do they smell like?

Dude Wipes don’t smell like anything actually. 

Check out our post on the Dude Wipes scent.

Do Dude Wipes expire?

Dude wipes do have an expiration date, but it’s typically a few years away from when you’re buying them.

Besides the expiration date, they will lose their moistness with enough time. If a pack is unopened, the wipes can stay usable and fresh for 2 years, but they’ll dry out much more quickly if the package is opened and left out.

Can you use ’em on babies?

Yes – Dude Wipes are made of slightly different materials than many baby wipes but are safe to be used on babies. 

Their main ingredients are water and plant based fibers, and there aren’t any chemicals that you’d find in disinfecting wipes.

Can you flush ’em?

We wouldn’t recommend it. That’s been tried by quite a few people and I’d trust the professional plumber who tested it

You’ll also notice that Dude Wipes lists on their packaging that you shouldn’t flush more than one at a time and not all septic systems are made for them to be flushed.

You can also bury Dude Wipes. I actually tried burying them in my own backyard.

Can you use ’em as shower wipes?

Yes! They’re great for wiping down pretty much anywhere on your body. 

We actually tried ’em and wrote about our Dude Wipes shower replacement experience.

Are Dude Wipes worth it?

The Dude wipes review conclusion: Yes – they’re worth it to give at least one pack a try. 

You might find that they don’t revolutionize your wiping experience and are best for when traveling (which was my experience), but I’d definitely try them once. 

And if you already have a pack of baby wipes laying around, you’d be just as well off using baby wipes instead.