What Happens if Warmies Get Wet?

Alright, what happens if warmies get wet is dependent on how wet you get your warmie. No, that’s not supposed to be a tongue twister or some kind of weird palindrome sentence. You’ll either be buying a new one or giving a towel or dryer a try. Just know that you don’t want to put it in the dryer.

If your warmie is only wet on the outside and isn’t soaked through into the grains inside, you’ll want to wipe down the warmie with a towel so it’s less likely to soak through to the inside. You can let the warmie air dry or let it sit in the sun for a few minutes, or use a hair dryer.

What if you wash Warmies in the washing machine?

You’re out of luck. If you put a warmie in the washing machine, it’s probably going to come out as hard as a rock since the grains are likely to clump together and absolutely never want to come apart. 

Warmies don’t have a zipper or velcro that let you easily get inside, so the only way to get into the grains is by cutting the warmie open. You can try cutting it open and seeing if you could dry out the grains by letting them sit out, but you’ll also need to sew it back up later on if you can get the grains dried. 

I’d recommend buying another warmie.

Accidentally washed Warmies…

…will accidentally be super heavy. There are Amazon reviews about how a washed warmie will get rock hard and potentially start sprouting a leaf or two. Nobody wants that. For the next warmie you buy, you’re best off wiping it down gently with a slightly damp sponge or rag. 

And if it smells a little funky or the smell has faded, you can put a few drops of essential oil on it to give it a fresh scent.

Leaving it outside to dry?

If you do leave it outside, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in the grass or outside for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. The grains inside can attract bugs and bugs are incredibly close to the bottom of the list of things you want to cuddle with. Go ahead and do a google search about bugs getting into stuffed animals. It happens super infrequently but no one wants to deal with that.

Can you put Warmies in the dryer?

Nope – no good. The Warmies website specifically says not put them in the dryer.

If you’ve tried drying it with a towel already, go with the hair dryer route. You won’t be able to dry the grains inside a hairdryer, but it’ll be more effective at drying the outside and maintaining the fluffiness a bit better.

What about a cold Warmie?

Warmies can do that too!