The Best Podcast Episodes for New Dads

If you’re going to be a dad and want to be as prepared as possible (even though it’s not possible to be 100% prepared), you’re probably like me and looking for podcast episodes for new dads for the commute or while you’re at the gym.

As I waited for my little guy to be born, I went through episode after episode during my drives to see what helpful tips I could find about everything from a healthy pregnancy, smooth birth, the time after returning home from the hospital, and how to support my wife well. I listened to dozens of podcasts and found the best five episodes to be the ones below.

I’d re-listen to these episodes multiple times instead of bouncing between others that weren’t as good if I could do it all over again.

And this list may seem like an ad for the Dad University Podcast, but I didn’t plan it that way. I found their episodes to be consistently good and the ones I included below were the ones that were most helpful.

The 5 Best Podcast Episodes for New Dads:

1. Dad University: Expectations for First Time Dads

Why listen?
No matter how many babies you’ve interacted with before you have your own kid, every expecting dad has their own expectations on what they think it’ll be like when their child is born. The odd thing I realized is a lot of these expectations for me weren’t conscious decisions I made. They were ideas that just seemed to exist in my head without me deciding they were legitimate. 

This episode is good because the hosts talk about expectations to be aware of. Like whether a baby will make you and your significant other have a closer relationship, or whether life will feel more complete once you have a baby. Having a baby might go as you expected in some ways, but it’s smart to be aware of what you’re expecting and how realistic those plans are.

2. Dad University: 55 Tips for New Dads

Why listen?
Great ideas on topics to research and ideas to keep in mind as you prepare to be a parent. No one can implement all 55 tips at once, but the ideas are all great things to consider so you can begin mentally preparing. I wouldn’t make this the first podcast you listen to after finding out you’re expecting since it’s not solely focused on what’s happening during the pregnancy. 

This is geared more toward giving a wide range of ideas and then choosing the ones you want to think more on and figure out how you can do them well. Great for gathering ideas and picking what you like best.

3. Pregnancy and Parenting: The Expectant Dad’s Guide to Parenting

Why listen?
The main thing you’ll learn is you’re not alone with having concerns or worries. This is a panel discussion with multiple dads (including a clinical psychologist) and while you will likely learn some terms and ideas that you haven’t heard of and will want to google, it’s not the most “educational” episode. 

I included it because it helped me realize that no dad is perfectly prepared and other dads are nervous too, so I don’t need to worry that I’m not 100% ready. All the dads on the episode talk about their experiences and it’s good reassurance you’re not the sole new dad on earth that doesn’t feel like an expert. 

4. Dad University: New Dad Tips When Bringing Baby Home

Why listen?
Lots of people talk about their experiences caring for newborns (“I barely slept!” / “Naps with babies are the best.” / “Don’t let it go by too fast!”) but as a new dad I wondered if there was anything I specifically should prepare for and think about so I could enjoy the time with my little guy and not get surprised by too many unexpected challenges. 

This episode of Dad University has some good tips including clearing your schedule and planning for when your family and friends come to visit.  

5. Becoming Mama: Taking Care of a Newborn

Why listen?
I realize it’s weird to have a podcast called “Becoming Mama” on a list for dads. This episode is an interview with a pediatrician and I listened to it really closely and found it super helpful because it’s tough to find a podcast with tips on how to care for a newborn without it being super overwhelming and way too much info

They talk about the basics of a newborn’s feeding and breathing, and give things you should and shouldn’t be concerned about. For example, they address the difference between reflux and gas, when you should definitely call a pediatrician about, and why some noises from a sleeping newborn might sound concerning but are very normal. (All things I had no clue about.)

Bonus Recommendations:

  • There’s one topic I couldn’t find summarized in a podcast episode and that’s what to (roughly) expect in each pregnancy trimester. I’d recommend finding a YouTube video about whatever trimester your pregnancy is currently in and following along that way, or downloading the WhatToExpect app and following along with the pregnancy.
  • I searched through quite a few podcasts to find a good overview in an episode that wouldn’t take hours and wasn’t able to find one. If you’d like to listen to a podcast about a specific trimester, my best recommendation would be to listen to the “Pregnancy Podcast”, which has a 35-40 minute episode for each of the first, second, and third trimesters. 

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