Hatch Rest Sounds Guide

The most common Hatch Rest sounds babies and newborns like to hear are the TV static, rain, and wind. These are closest to white and pink noise. 

Though those are most common, we recommend seeing what your baby tends to like best (and then keeping in mind the Hatch’s volume settings).

What’s the best Hatch Rest sound for baby’s sleep?

The most research has been done on having babies listen to white noise, so white noise is the most common sound recommended. Some babies also like pink noise (rain or wind on the Hatch), but babies vary and we’d recommend you see what your baby likes best. Some babies may actually prefer no extra sounds at all.

What sounds does the Hatch Rest make?

The Rest has 11 sounds, including 3 lullabies (Rock-a-bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Brahms’ Lullaby.) 

  1. Crickets
  2. Rain
  3. White Noise
  4. Birds
  5. Wind
  6. Ocean
  7. Water Stream
  8. Dryer
  9. Rock-a-bye Baby Lullaby
  10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Lullaby
  11. Brahms’ Lullaby

Which sound is white noise?

The TV static sound with the tv symbol on the app is the best white noise option. If you don’t have the Hatch app and are rotating between the sounds by pressing the Hatch buttons, it’s the sound after the water stream (sounds like running water) and before the drying machine.

Which sound is pink noise?

Rain and wind most closely resemble pink noise on Hatch devices. (Pink noise is louder with low frequencies and has fewer high frequencies.) 

Does the Hatch have brown noise?

Yes – the waves and dryer noises are the closest option for brown noise. (Brown noise is deeper noise with louder low frequency sound and almost no high frequencies.)

Can you play your own music on Hatch?

You can’t – you’ll have to show them your sick guitar solo you recorded when they’re awake. You can only currently rotate through the pre-loaded 11 sounds.

How to adjust the volume:

On the bottom of the Rest, the button on the lower row all the way to the right increases the volume. The button second from the right on the lower row decreases the volume.

Need more Hatch help?

If you haven’t researched noise machine volume or decibel recommendations, check out the Hatch Rest Volume and Decibel Guide.

And if your Hatch isn’t working, see how to reset the Hatch Rest.