What Do Dude Wipes Smell Like? (We Sniffed ‘Em)

You’re standing in Walmart, staring at the wipes, and wondering what do dude wipes smell like. 

You just made the last stop before you get to your long-distance girlfriend’s house and don’t want to go in smelling like baby wipes. And of course you don’t have anywhere to shower to cleanse your road trip stink. 

Well you’re in luck for two reasons. 

1. I have the answer. 2. Dude Wipes don’t smell like much of anything.

What do Dude Wipes smell like?

Dude Wipes are made of water and plant based fibers, meaning they somehow don’t smell like anything

Believe me. Here’s one on my face.

A lot of wipes and other cleaning products claim to be scent-free, but in reality they do smell like something. It may not be a strong scent but it does have a smell. 

As a dude who frequently smells and would like to smell less without having to take multiple showers per day, I was curious about Dude Wipes. 

I bought pack and gave ‘em a whirl. 

I was pleasantly surprised that they smell like nothing. It’s almost like smelling a glass of water. You might smell the detergent from the glass or whatever was in the glass last, but the water doesn’t have any smell at all. It’s the same with Dude Wipes. 

You’d smell whatever you get on the wipe (wouldn’t recommend smelling that), but the wipe doesn’t smell like anything. 

The only exception to that is if you buy the mint-scented Dude Wipes. More on that down below!

Do dude wipes smell good?

No, but they don’t smell bad. The generic Dude Wipes legitimately don’t have a scent. It’s a scent as non existent as the girlfriends of the dudes who show up to a first date smelly. 

If you’re looking for something to make you smell pleasant, rather than something to get rid of your smell, you’ll want to head in the direction of the deodorant aisle or grab a bottle of cologne (pro tip: Curve is the best smelling cologne on earth). 

What scents do Dude Wipes come in?

Original Dude Wipes are scentless, but they also come in a mint chill scent option. 

The mint Dude Wipes aren’t a full replacement for a soapy shower, a stick of deodorant, or a spritz of cologne.

They leave a bit of a scent. Kind of like if you were to spill a couple drops of mouthwash on your shirt when you spit it out, but it’s still more of a bad odor-remover than it is a good odor-giver.

Where can I get Dude Wipes?

Of course Amazon and the Dude Wipes website will work, but any pharmacy or grocery store should have them in the toiletries aisle. (Hint: You could also just buy baby wipes and they’ll do the same thing.)

And if you’re reading this about to embark on the effort of trying to replace a shower with Dude Wipes, you might want to read our thoughts on that idea.

(We also wrote a Dude Wipes review with more less stinky questions answered and tried burying them.)