Can You Bury Dude Wipes? (I tried it!)

You’re on a hike, in the middle of a road trip, or out camping. You just used a Dude Wipe and now wonder: can you bury Dude Wipes?

Dude Wipes are marketed as biodegradable and water-based, so you would think they should dissolve if left in nature.

I left Dude Wipes buried in my backyard for a month and can tell you that yes, they degrade and you can bury them.

Read on for what it looked like before and after I buried them.

Can You Bury Dude Wipes?

Yes, you can bury them. I was curious if burying Dude Wipes would really make them disintegrate into the earth like a “biodegradable” product should.

I buried one in my middle Tennessee backyard dirt and waited to see what’d happen.

After a month, here’s what the buried Dude Wipe looked like:

After a month, the wipe dissolved quite a bit and didn’t have the same shape and form as when I buried it.

Some parts had completely dissolved and the remainder had separated into smaller pieces. I’d expect with more time it will be even less in tact.

Why can they be buried?

Most wipe brands aren’t safe to be flushed, buried, even used on people in some cases.

Dude Wipes are biodegradable and safe for burying (among other things) because they’re made of water based and plant based fibers, rather than plastics.

Many wipe brands contain plastics like polyester or polypropylene, which aren’t harmful to use on your body but they don’t degrade easily.

(For an example of how Dude Wipes – and other wipe brands – don’t break down well when flushed, check out Ask The Builder’s experiment.)

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